Valorant Gets a New Skin Called Deadeye

agent deadeye in Valorant

In addition to the announcement of the new Sentinel agent Deadeye, Riot also gave an overview of the updates from the last patch for Valorant.

The Valorant universe is one character richer. With Deadeye, the community gets another Sentinel agent. Developer Riot Games has already given some clues about his abilities.

With the last update there were also some shifts in the meta. Riot Games is said to have set itself the task of shaking up the ranked mode, the new Sentinel should help.

Deadeye’s abilities – updates change the meta

In the past few weeks, the community has requested nerfs for Viper and a revision for Yoru. Riot did not respond to these requests, but tried to do it with KAY / O, Skye and Jett. How exactly the changes in gameplay will affect remains to be seen. The meta is supposed to be turned upside down by the updates.

Of course, Deadeye should also have a lot of influence on that. Deadeye joins the already active Sentinels Cypher, Killijoy and Sage. Not that much is known about his abilities – but also about his character in general. You can already get this skin for free by using a skin changer (if you play on PC).

The first pictures and statements about the new agent point to French roots, while his skills are referred to as “mechanical counter-moves” and “gun games”. So far, however, one can only guess what exactly this means.

The new player cards in the Battle Pass suggest a specialization in traps. The pictures from the Battlepass show traps disguised as weapons on the ground. Deadeye could therefore be especially suitable for cautious and cold-blooded Valorant players.

How this will ultimately affect the meta remains to be seen. In any case, the community is happy that the first little secret about the new agent has been solved.

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