GTA Online: Fan wins mystery prize in the casino – Will be severely disappointed

Like many others, a: e player tried their luck on the wheel of fortune in GTA Online. But winning the Mystery Prize was a bitter disappointment.

GTA Online is still thrilling millions of fans around the world. Although many of them actually want GTA 6, the number of users of the online mode of GTA 5 is increasing. One of the reasons that Rockstar Games is not necessarily in a hurry to bring the successor. A popular part of GTA Online is the casino where fans are looking for easy money. A fan tried his luck on the wheel of fortune. The profit was taken from him at the last second, however.

Mystery Prize on the Wheel of Fortune

Earning money quickly in GTA Online is not as difficult as many imagine. The casino in Los Santos is still a good place to go to let Fortuna decide. A fan recently decided to spin the wheel of fortune to win a big prize. However, it did not go quite the way he or she imagined.

Even the title of the post lets you look deeply: “Since when has it been a prize?” After the wheel of fortune is about to stop on the coveted mystery prize, the fan is deprived of his winnings in the last few seconds. Instead of a hefty price, there’s a hefty crash and GTA Online says goodbye. It hardly gets any more bitter, find the users who speak out in the comments in the Reddit thread.

Fan finds support after the crash

Many of the users in the thread share the fan’s suffering. Most react to the bankruptcy of the GTA Online casino with sarcasm and memes.

Of course, this will be of little use to the fan who was brought in for the Mystery Prize in GTA Online. Since he or she has a video of the incident, there is at least the chance to send it to Rockstar Games and clarify the situation. This could at least prevent other fans from being deprived of their profits. Even if you finished the diamond heist, you can still run into this issue.

Far less disappointing than the wheel of fortune, however, is the Weekly Update in GTA Online. At the moment, for example, you can dust off a lot of coal with bicycle races. All other innovations and discounts can be found in our own article.

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