LoL Patch 11.19: The Best Bot Laners and Supporters

With the current LoL Patch 11.19, several champions have been buffed so that everyone has a chance to be part of the Worlds 2021. We analyze the changes.

League of Legends World Championship in Iceland. Riot Games has done everything possible with several champion buffs and nerfs to ensure that we will see as many different champions at the event as possible. But has a lot changed in the Solo Queue?

Who can stop Vayne?

We have 3 Bot Lane Champions that we recommend to you in LoL Patch 11.19. The first is of course Vayne – she has been unbeatable in bot lane for several patches, as she can easily beat any tank. What’s the point of a frontline if you just cut through the armor with every shot? So if you’re into the late game, Vayne is the top tier pick for you, especially if you’re using a bot.

If you can’t do anything with Vayne, we can only recommend Miss Fortune. Yes, she’s one of the lightest champs in the game, but that doesn’t make her bad. With it, the following applies: Simply stand behind your frontline and press R – then you will earn 2 or 3 simple kills in every fight.

A third ADC that is very strong in the current meta is Ziggs. The little yordle cheerfully throws his bombs around so that nobody can get away with it so quickly – so you can quickly get a lead in bot lane with Ziggs. He is also welcome in team fights, because here he can really cause damage with his Ultimate.

Tank supports are meta again

The Soraka Buff was nerfed again quickly, but that doesn’t mean Soraka is bad now – she’s just not as dominant as a support pick as she was 2 weeks ago. So with patch 11.19 new supporters are happy about their popularity: Amumu and Thresh.

Amumu, who can now use his Q twice after his buff, asserts himself as one of the best supports in patch 11.19. A tank with a very strong CC – what more could you want from your bot lane support? Not a lot, to be honest. Since his Q is now more or less a surefire hit, Amumu currently seems as good as unbeatable in bot lane.

We can currently find a counterattack for Amumu in another champ: Thresh. But since Thresh is a champ who has a tough learning curve, we advise you to practice a little with him before you try him out in ranked games.

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