Valorant Gets a New Skin Called Deadeye

agent deadeye in Valorant

In addition to the announcement of the new Sentinel agent Deadeye, Riot also gave an overview of the updates from the last patch for Valorant.

The Valorant universe is one character richer. With Deadeye, the community gets another Sentinel agent. Developer Riot Games has already given some clues about his abilities.

With the last update there were also some shifts in the meta. Riot Games is said to have set itself the task of shaking up the ranked mode, the new Sentinel should help.

Deadeye’s abilities – updates change the meta

In the past few weeks, the community has requested nerfs for Viper and a revision for Yoru. Riot did not respond to these requests, but tried to do it with KAY / O, Skye and Jett. How exactly the changes in gameplay will affect remains to be seen. The meta is supposed to be turned upside down by the updates.

Of course, Deadeye should also have a lot of influence on that. Deadeye joins the already active Sentinels Cypher, Killijoy and Sage. Not that much is known about his abilities – but also about his character in general. You can already get this skin for free by using a skin changer (if you play on PC).

The first pictures and statements about the new agent point to French roots, while his skills are referred to as “mechanical counter-moves” and “gun games”. So far, however, one can only guess what exactly this means.

The new player cards in the Battle Pass suggest a specialization in traps. The pictures from the Battlepass show traps disguised as weapons on the ground. Deadeye could therefore be especially suitable for cautious and cold-blooded Valorant players.

How this will ultimately affect the meta remains to be seen. In any case, the community is happy that the first little secret about the new agent has been solved.

LoL Patch 11.19: The Best Bot Laners and Supporters

With the current LoL Patch 11.19, several champions have been buffed so that everyone has a chance to be part of the Worlds 2021. We analyze the changes.

League of Legends World Championship in Iceland. Riot Games has done everything possible with several champion buffs and nerfs to ensure that we will see as many different champions at the event as possible. But has a lot changed in the Solo Queue?

Who can stop Vayne?

We have 3 Bot Lane Champions that we recommend to you in LoL Patch 11.19. The first is of course Vayne – she has been unbeatable in bot lane for several patches, as she can easily beat any tank. What’s the point of a frontline if you just cut through the armor with every shot? So if you’re into the late game, Vayne is the top tier pick for you, especially if you’re using a bot.

If you can’t do anything with Vayne, we can only recommend Miss Fortune. Yes, she’s one of the lightest champs in the game, but that doesn’t make her bad. With it, the following applies: Simply stand behind your frontline and press R – then you will earn 2 or 3 simple kills in every fight.

A third ADC that is very strong in the current meta is Ziggs. The little yordle cheerfully throws his bombs around so that nobody can get away with it so quickly – so you can quickly get a lead in bot lane with Ziggs. He is also welcome in team fights, because here he can really cause damage with his Ultimate.

Tank supports are meta again

The Soraka Buff was nerfed again quickly, but that doesn’t mean Soraka is bad now – she’s just not as dominant as a support pick as she was 2 weeks ago. So with patch 11.19 new supporters are happy about their popularity: Amumu and Thresh.

Amumu, who can now use his Q twice after his buff, asserts himself as one of the best supports in patch 11.19. A tank with a very strong CC – what more could you want from your bot lane support? Not a lot, to be honest. Since his Q is now more or less a surefire hit, Amumu currently seems as good as unbeatable in bot lane.

We can currently find a counterattack for Amumu in another champ: Thresh. But since Thresh is a champ who has a tough learning curve, we advise you to practice a little with him before you try him out in ranked games.

GTA Online: Fan wins mystery prize in the casino – Will be severely disappointed

Like many others, a: e player tried their luck on the wheel of fortune in GTA Online. But winning the Mystery Prize was a bitter disappointment.

GTA Online is still thrilling millions of fans around the world. Although many of them actually want GTA 6, the number of users of the online mode of GTA 5 is increasing. One of the reasons that Rockstar Games is not necessarily in a hurry to bring the successor. A popular part of GTA Online is the casino where fans are looking for easy money. A fan tried his luck on the wheel of fortune. The profit was taken from him at the last second, however.

Mystery Prize on the Wheel of Fortune

Earning money quickly in GTA Online is not as difficult as many imagine. The casino in Los Santos is still a good place to go to let Fortuna decide. A fan recently decided to spin the wheel of fortune to win a big prize. However, it did not go quite the way he or she imagined.

Even the title of the post lets you look deeply: “Since when has it been a prize?” After the wheel of fortune is about to stop on the coveted mystery prize, the fan is deprived of his winnings in the last few seconds. Instead of a hefty price, there’s a hefty crash and GTA Online says goodbye. It hardly gets any more bitter, find the users who speak out in the comments in the Reddit thread.

Fan finds support after the crash

Many of the users in the thread share the fan’s suffering. Most react to the bankruptcy of the GTA Online casino with sarcasm and memes.

Of course, this will be of little use to the fan who was brought in for the Mystery Prize in GTA Online. Since he or she has a video of the incident, there is at least the chance to send it to Rockstar Games and clarify the situation. This could at least prevent other fans from being deprived of their profits. Even if you finished the diamond heist, you can still run into this issue.

Far less disappointing than the wheel of fortune, however, is the Weekly Update in GTA Online. At the moment, for example, you can dust off a lot of coal with bicycle races. All other innovations and discounts can be found in our own article.

G2 Esports and Rekkles Parts Ways

G2 Esports prematurely dismisses League of Legends superstar Martin “Rekkles” Larsson – at least that’s what they say. Rekkel’s teammates Caps and Jankos are said to have played their part.

Reliable sources report that LoL superstar Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and LEC team G2 Esports will go their separate ways in the future. It was not until the 2021 season that the ADC player switched from Fnatic to G2 with a lot of attention. The organization should already prepare its sale.

LoL: G2 and Rekkles

The 25-year-old’s contract does not end until November 2023, but G2 seems to want to split up this November. The relationship between player and organization is said to be strained after the missed World Cup participation. Last week it came to light that G2 was trying out various European ADCs.

According to insiders, the main reason for the departure of the ADC is to be found internally. Accordingly, both Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther and Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski should no longer want to play with the Swede. Caps is said to have already extended his contract, Jankos is about to – as a result, Rekkles has to vacate his place.

It is also said that G2 selects potential negotiating partners for a change of superstar very carefully. Team Vitality, for example, is said to have expressed interest, but G2 is said not to have been willing to negotiate with the French.

Where the Swedes will go next is completely open. A change to China and thus to the LPL is not ruled out. Several teams should be interested in a transfer, according to sources close to the G2. Nevertheless, it is also possible to stay in Europe or move to North America.

For Rekkles and G2 it was always a disappointing and even the weakest season in the history of the organization. In the Spring Split Playoffs, the highly decorated team only reached third place. They also made too many mistakes in the Summer Split Playoffs and finished in 4th place – for the first time since their rebranding to G2 Esports in 2015, they missed a world championship.