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No one knows how to define “esports” better than professional gamers themselves. Theirs is a rapidly growing and constantly evolving industry that is filled with both excitement and uncertainty. What we do know is that esports are becoming a more popular form of competition, with millions of people tuning in to watch the best compete. Ngage esports hopes to become the global standard for professional gaming.

A foundation for growth in the competitive gaming ecosystem.

Find or Create A Team

There are numerous reasons why people might want to join or create a game clan. One reason is that it can be a way to socialize and communicate with other gamers. Guilds and esports teams can also provide opportunities for players to compete and win prizes. For some, game clans can be an opportunity to make new friends and help contribute to the gaming community.

Whatever the reason, joining or creating a clan is a great way to get involved in gaming and have fun!

NGAGE events


The gaming community’s standards don’t just demand the best out of esports events – they demand evolution. What was a world-class production last year is this year’s baseline expectations, spurring a constant churn of innovation and creativity. Thankfully, that is exactly what NGAGE is geared to do, bringing the most exciting esports experiences for gamers around the world.

  • Tournaments
  • Community Building
  • Fan Experience
  • Recreational


The lens catches everything. The stories and legends – the moments of electric tension and explosive hype. Our broadcast and content creation efforts capture the heart and soul of the esports community, chiseling its historic moments into permanent form and unlocking further story-building opportunities along the way.

  • Web Series
  • Invitationals
  • Tournament Coverage
  • NGAGE Studios
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There is no esports without its people, and there would be no brand if the esports community has no reason to trust it. As our community is everything to us, we aim to build new gaming experiences in support of them, keeping true to the spirit of the people and cultures that make it all worthwhile.

  • Meetups
  • Brand Development
  • Fundraiser
  • Competitive Events


NGAGE Esports is a creative broadcast and events management company, developing the basis for growth in all aspects of the competitive gaming ecosystem. NGAGE works directly with OpTic Gaming and the Houston Outlaws to produce exclusive events and livestreams. We are part of the Infinite Esports & Entertainment family, alongside GG Esports Academy and No Scope Media.

Jonathon Oudthone


Adam Bayacal

Managing Producer

Michael White

Tournament Director

Jonathan Oh

Marketing & Operations Director

NGAGE Studios is located at LaunchPad City in Frisco, Texas – one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and forefront in the support of entrepreneurial and creative communities. The City of Frisco has tasked LaunchPad City with the creation of a collaborative work space that fosters innovation and technological development.

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