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If you’re looking for skillful teammates such as yourself to compete in 5-stack competitive mode, look for teammates with a tilt-proof mentality and practice strats with the excellent communication that you are in dire need of? We’re here to assist you. You can easily find clans/teams that offer the gameplay you’re looking for from our list of CSGO clans.

Top CSGO Clans

What Ngage can do for you

You can create your own clan/teams and search for players with the same vision as you and dominate the game. We make sure players add their past achievements and what they seek in a clan, so you can easily find the best players with the same interest as you.

For your safety and to save your time, our staff makes sure to double-check on a clan/team’s authenticity and run an assessment to check if they meet our platforms and game’s standards before adding them to our list. You can easily search for a clan from our list and send a request.

Join or create a clan

You can search and join any CSGO clans listed on our platform, send a request if you see the clan’s requirements met, and start training. You can also decide if you want to create a clan/team on Ngage and sign up, which is 100% free. 

Are you searching for the best teams/clans?

If you see yourself as a player with high potential and you want a team to practice with to dominate tournaments and competitive modes? Your search ends here. Create a player profile that needs no email address in seconds. Mention all you can provide for your team and wait to be recruited. You can even opt to check out our list of legit CSGO clans manually and join a team/clan that fits your gameplay perfectly. 

Are you searching for the best players?

If you have an already existing clan or plan to create a new clan/team, you can also go through the player’s profile on our platforms list and invite them accordingly. Setting up your clan’s requirements will help you find the best players that are best suited for your clan, and our search filters help you search for the specific needs you want in a player.


Everyone needs an introduction. The most crucial element you need to have when joining or creating a team is to showcase your talents and achievements as a player or a clan/team when creating profiles on both categories. You can add your needs, goals, achievements, and many more to make it easier for you to find players seeking the same glory.

Setting up

Create your very own player profile or a clan/team with easy steps and start playing with players from around the globe.


Let the clan/teams know you are looking:

  • Easily create a player’s account without the need for an email address.
  • Lay down all your past accomplishments in your player profile.
  • Choose a mighty username that best suits your skills.


Let the players know you’re recruiting:

  • Create a clan destined for great things.
  • Mention all the requirements that you seek in a player.
  • Pick a clans name that complements your goals.