Join or Create Fortnite Clans

Suppose you’re looking to join a clan that offers casual gameplay for you to blow off some steam and make new friends. Or, if you’re looking for clans that offer teams for competitive gameplay, our list of Fortnite clans could be your best shot.

In addition, we offer 100% free-of-charge signup to help you easily forge your very own skilled team/clan according to your values and priorities. Since we never settle for less, the standards of our platform remain ever so faithful. Our hard-working staff makes sure the clans listed on our platform are given an in-depth evaluation for authenticity, so you don’t have to.

What Ngage can do for you

We connect you to the best team/clans or help you create your team with players worldwide. Discover skillfully engaging gamers like yourself to train together and compete. Or join their Fortnite clans/teams that offer recognition by competing in tournaments on our Fortnite clan finding platform. 

What you need to do

On our platform, we offer you a chance to get noticed by great clans with excellent recognition across the globe, find clans for casual fun gameplay or discover talent to add to your collection of celebrated players.

Are you a player? 

If you’re searching for a team of great potential with engaging gamers such as yourself to go to full heights in competitive gameplay, you can create your player profile to let anyone know who’s searching for players like you and let them add you to their Fortnite clan. You can also personally join the clans already listed on our platform. 

Do you have a Fortnite team?

And if you’re on the hunt for some good players? You can start by creating an engaging team/clan profile with your own set of rules and regulations that you demand from a player and add them or let them know you’re searching. Easily find players that match your skills and “full send.”

Introduce yourself 

We have filters to assist you in specific searches for your convenience. It is essential to add your details like your age, language, and all the necessary information of yourselves to get recruited by teams or recruit players. You can easily create your profile with no email address and even search for your desired team/clan or players without an account on our platform.

The best and the most accessible setup mode

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a clan/team or join one, our platform offers a hassle-free setup mode to create your desired profile in a matter of seconds.

Are you looking for a team?

Find the perfect team for yourself in three easy steps: 

  • Create a profile that explains yourself as a gamer perfectly.
  • Fill up your player profile with the desired achievements to attract players like yourself.
  • Choose your desired username and password, and you’re good to go.

Are you looking for a player?

The search for your desired player has never been this easy:

  • Start by creating a team profile.
  • Let everyone know you’re looking.
  • The perfect team name will undoubtedly help you find your desired players.