Join or Create CoD Warzone Clans

Suppose you’re tired of playing solo games on warzone and looking for teams that offer unmatched three-player man gameplays. Or practice communication and perfect team strats with a clan/team that puts tournaments first. Or play casually for fun with no desire to go competitive? You’re at the right platform. Our listings of warzone clans may fit you perfectly with any criteria.

What Ngage can do for you

You can create your own Call of Duty Warzone clan/team to achieve your goals on our platform. Players and clans are given the same opportunity to freely discover or recruit players by creating profiles that best suit them.

Here at NGAGE, our professional staff team makes sure every clan undergoes strict evaluation to check if they meet the game’s necessary standards or our standards. Only legit clans are listed for your convenience.

Creating or joining a clan

You can create your own clan/team and discover players that fit the roles you demand perfectly or quickly let them find you. You can also join clans from our listings of legit clans/teams or allow them to recruit you as a player with the exact needs that they demand.

Do you want a team?

If you’re looking for an outstanding, ambitious team or team that fits the right profile you’re looking for, you can start by mentioning all your achievements and update your player profile to let clans looking for players such as yourself recruit you. You can also manually search for clans that are listed on our platform.

Do you want a player?

Searching for players has never been this easy. You can create your clan/team and carefully mention all the criteria that a player needs to meet, on the clan profile, to join you and find like-minded players to play with. With the updated requirements for your clan, skillful players can also request to join you if they think your clan is worthy and fitting for them.

The right profile

Let players or clans know who they are dealing with by making a seriously engaging profile with all your past achievements, experience and showing them your potential. By letting players or clans know what you need, you can effortlessly search for clans or players with the help of our filtered search options.

Hassle-free set up

Even though you can go through our list of clans or players without setting up an account with us, creating a clan or a player profile is done quickly without an email address. You can sign up to create your very own clan free of charge.

Are you looking for a team?

Pick the right teams effortlessly:

  • Create an engaging player profile that describes you.
  • Mention all achievements and skills that you’re best at.
  • Select a username that screams of you as a player.

Are you looking for players?

Pick the perfect player:

  • You can create your clan or showcase your existing clan globally.
  • Write your requirements for a player and manually search or let them discover you 
  • Pick a fascinating clan name.